What about the lost experience and knowledge?

Interesting article on the constant and consistent theme of appraisers not replenishing their ranks:

“The barriers to becoming a certified appraiser could lead to shortages in the field, an industry professional has claimed. ‘If a young professional is changing careers and looking to get into the real estate industry, the mortgage industry or the appraisal industry, there is a vast variance in requirements,’ said Roger Beane, president and CEO of LRES Corp., an appraisal management company. ‘The strictest of those requirements is to become an appraiser.’ He foresees a possible shortage in appraisers in the future, which could eventually create a smaller pool of appraisers to call on for a valuation.”

Not surprisingly, our focus is on what else leaves when the seasoned veteran appraisers leave the market.

Here’s a link to the full article: