New Valuation Book of Real World Examples Now Available for Pre-Order!

Now Available for Pre-Order!


Real Estate Appraisal Practice: A Collection of Examples

By Jeffrey A. Johnson, MAI and Tony Lesicka, MAI

Minneapolis, MN
A new book, with a totally different and refreshing approach to the valuation field (142 examples that are excerpts from real world appraisals) is now available. This 478-page (trim size 8.5 in. x 11 in.) text book shows examples covering each of the standard sections of a narrative appraisal report.  The bulk of the examples are from the valuation approaches.  This new concept text book gives examples of how real appraisers are handling unique appraisal problems, how they are supporting their comparative adjustments and how they are presenting their value conclusions.  The book is available at where you can view the entire index of examples.

Here is an excerpt from the foreword: “Over the last 30+ years I have not encountered a book on appraisal report preparation as valuable to practicing appraisers as Real Estate Appraisal Practice: A Collection of Examples. The book was written by two highly accomplished appraisers with extensive professional experience. The structure of the book follows the topics in a self-contained appraisal report and provides well selected examples of appraisal report writing for the various report components. The book’s examples of valuation analysis techniques, appraisal report writing, along with the authors’ explanations, make this book an invaluable reference for practicing real estate appraisers…Never before has the practical body of appraisal knowledge been expanded and made available to so many involved in the profession.”

The authors stated, “Our main intention is to increase the content of and access to the body of knowledge in the appraisal industry, and encourage people to add to the body of knowledge and/or react to it by weighing in and providing their perspectives on specific methodologies.”

In putting together this text, the authors have really accomplished several things.  First, is allowing direct access to examples of how real world appraisers are solving unique appraisal problems.  This type of information is not something most appraisers typically have access to, unless they work for a very large appraisal office, or otherwise have close relationships with several seasoned veteran appraisers.

Second, most of the appraisal publications in existence today focus on theory, which is important.  However, this book is meant to be a practical, useful reference guide that you can implement immediately and directly into your practice.

Third, as hot a topic that Peer Review is these days, this book provides a direct sampling of what can be called commonly accepted methodologies.  Is there really only one way to handle a particular unique appraisal challenge?  In fact, several of the unique appraisal challenges discussed in this book have two or even three examples showing different approaches to the same issue.

On this specific topic, this book will also advance a current goal of the Appraisal Practice Board of the Appraisal Foundation, to evaluate recognized appraisal methods and techniques.

Lastly, as the appraisal profession as a whole continues to age, and questions abound about whether or not appraisers are replenishing their ranks, this book (and subsequent volumes) will preserve the practical body of knowledge used so that it won’t be lost.

Give this new text a look by accessing their web site where you can review the full table of contents/index of examples of this fresh new concept text.

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