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Come See Us at the AI Annual Meeting in Indianapolis!

We will be there presenting two sessions, one of which is on some of the quantitative support methods highlighted in our book. We hope to see you in Indianapolis, but if you aren’t planning on making it, then please check out our book to see (in part) what you will be missing! The meeting is … Continue reading

A Few Questions About the Alliance for Valuation Education

This is definitely something we are watching. This article is a question-and-answer that Appraisal Buzz had with Dave Bunton, President of The Appraisal Foundation, to speak about with him about the Alliance for Valuation Education. If you haven’t heard about the Alliance for Valuation Education, you should definitely research it. The original post on the … Continue reading

What about the lost experience and knowledge?

Interesting article on the constant and consistent theme of appraisers not replenishing their ranks: “The barriers to becoming a certified appraiser could lead to shortages in the field, an industry professional has claimed. ‘If a young professional is changing careers and looking to get into the real estate industry, the mortgage industry or the appraisal … Continue reading

Now available for Pre-Order!

Click on the Buy Now button to visit our ordering page. The targeted release date is July 19th, 2013. Full press-release to follow!